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Horse Buying Reinvented

We’re making Horse Trading a positive term

horse trade
: a clever and often secret agreement made by powerful people who are usually trying to get an advantage over others

In nearly every other industry, buyers are protected by consumer protection laws, defined industry practices, exhaustive documentation, and estimated fair values based on comparable sales. Say you want to buy a home. You might first log onto Zillow to get an idea of home values in your area. You have a baseline from which to compare the home you will eventually buy. Then, after surfing online reviews and asking for recommendations, you might sign a real estate agent to help you in your search. You won’t lose sleep over this agent’s intentions because you know you will see what he or she makes in commission in the final closing documents, coordinated by the title company when you close on the home. You likely won’t choose an appraiser recommended by the seller, but if you do, you know that appraisal is subject to federal regulation that prohibits coercion, requires disclosures, and regulates the compensation of the appraiser. You get the idea – the cards are stacked to mitigate your risk.

Yet, when buying a horse, the process is unclear and difficult to navigate. Horse values are highly subjective, so you likely will not know if you paid too much for your horse, or if secret backend commissions were paid. If you are a typical horse buyer, you will entrust your agent to exclusively handle all aspects of the transaction, including the flow of money. This all-important piece of the transaction typically isn’t spelled out in writing, going against all business sense. Finally, as evidence of your purchase, you will likely receive the industry standard of a one-page Bill of Sale, with minimal information about the horse and seller. Buyers receive more documentation when buying furniture than buying a horse. With Equine Exchange, you’ll have a clear view of the evaluation and purchase of the horse and how your money is spent. Through our guided and collaborative process, you will have full transparency into the history and nuances of the horse you are buying, and full legal documentation for every aspect of the sale. Equine Exchange is like having an expert equestrian and an equine lawyer by your side from due diligence through closing.

Horses are like members of our family. Yet, many sellers never even know who is buying their horse and will be responsible for its care. (Yes, this really happens.) Equine Exchange ensures you know where your horse is going and the buyer has agreed in writing to the standard of care you expect your horse to receive.

If you are a horse professional, you are well accustomed to the stories and experience of horse transactions gone awry. It may be as simple as a lack of communication between well-intentioned parties, yet when something slips through the cracks it reflects poorly upon your business, despite your best effort and integrity. Typically these details and the coordination of paperwork are not why you decided to work with horses. Equine Exchange handles your logistics. We coordinate the paperwork and ensure every last detail is in place, from the time you have located the horse for your client through the closing of the sale and transfer of the horse. We protect the integrity of your business as if it is our own.

We are doing business better by transforming the way horse sales work. You decide on the horse. We’ll guide the transaction from beginning to end. This is just the beginning – soon trainers will be able to post their horses for sale on the Equine Exchange Marketplace™.

We’re defining the new standard in horse buying. Join us.