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Ready To Buy A Horse?

Know which horse you want to buy?

We’ll lead the Due Diligence and Transactions process, including customized legal documents.

It’s everything you need to protect yourself, the horse, and streamline information (and your life!)

We even coordinate with your vet. Don’t have one? We’ve got you covered.

What if I decide this horse isn’t for me?

That’s OK! Go ahead and start Equine Exchange now. Sometimes information is revealed that allows everyone to see that the horse you were thinking of isn’t the right match.

If this horse doesn’t work out, you can change to another horse at no additional cost.

We want the horse and rider to be a good fit – it’s better for everyone!

Working with a trainer?

Great! Trainers love the ease and protection of Equine Exchange. Your trainer will have their own account, and will be part of the transaction.

Don’t worry – your trainer’s compensation does not need to change, but it does need to be put in writing. If your trainer resists this, consider it a major red flag.

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