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How It Works


Equine Exchange is like having an expert equestrian and equine lawyer hold your hand, showing you how to buy a horse with the least amount of risk possible – with full disclosure and transparency – in 6 steps or less:

  • Step 1

    Get Started
    You will provide Equine Exchange with basic information about the horse and the parties involved – your Agent (if any), the Seller, and the Seller’s Agent (if any). We will invite the parties via e-mail to participate on Equine Exchange.
  • Step 2

    Agent Profile (for Buyer’s and Seller’s Agents)
    If you or the Seller will be represented by an Agent, that Agent will be asked to complete and sign an Agency Agreement that explains and acknowledges the Agent’s duty of loyalty (including the duty to fully disclose all information and conflicts of interest that may impact the client) and the compensation the Agent will receive for his or her services. If the terms of the Agency Agreement are acceptable to you (or the Seller, as applicable), it will be signed by both parties and become a legally binding contract.
  • Step 3

    Horse Profile
    The Seller completes the Equine Exchange Horse Profile™ to provide you with full disclosure about the horse. Our extensive profile covers everything you want to know about your new horse – including many questions even seasoned equestrians often forget. Here, the Seller will be able to provide you with all the information you need – photos, pedigree, registration papers, sport record, past vet records, breeding history, etc.
  • Step 4

    Horse Trial
    If the Horse will be provided to you for a trial period before the purchase decision is made, we will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions to determine the terms of the Horse Trial and allocate risk between the parties during the trial period. The resulting Horse Trial Agreement is a legally binding agreement that sets clear expectations for this “in between” phase, when misunderstandings and disagreements commonly occur.
  • Step 5

    Vet Exam
    Equine Exchange Guide to the Vet Check™ simplifies the vet check process by providing a concise guide, including standard pre-purchase exam practices. Your vet or you can easily upload the record of the vet exam here and, if you like, you may share the record with other parties to the transaction.
  • Step 6

    You’ve made your final decision and you are ready to purchase your new horse! We will walk you and the Seller through a series of questions about the terms of the purchase, which will result in 3 documents: (1) a Settlement Statement, in which all parties confirm exactly where money is going and in what amounts, (2) a Purchase Agreement, which covers all of the terms of the purchase, and (3) a Bill of Sale, to document the ownership transfer (does not include the sale price of the horse, so that you can keep that information private). Once you and the Seller have confirmed the deal has been fully closed, you will be provided with a zip file containing all documents and records that were created or collected through Equine Exchange.

Ready to begin Equine Exchange?

Buying A Horse Should Be A Great Experience

With Equine Exchange, it is. We make buying a horse as transparent, low-risk and easy as possible through our guided process. All documents are stored for your records – organized and accessible. Whether you are seasoned equestrian or the parent of an amateur rider, Equine Exchange protects you financially and mitigates risk by uncovering information typically undisclosed in a horse sale.

The horse you buy should be exactly what you expected when it arrives home. We’re here to ensure that it is. We highly recommend you read the Risks in Horse Buying

Having Equine Exchange by your side means you will be well protected whether you are purchasing your first horse or your 100th.

  • Complete information and certainty as to where your money is going
Peace of Mind
  • Guided process with professional support
Manage Risk
  • Legally binding contracts
  • Confidence in your investment
  • Full disclosure from Seller
  • Record for future reference and future owners

Responsible Sellers Protect Themselves and the Horses They Love

Equine Exchange builds trust in the marketplace among responsible sellers and serious buyers. By providing complete information upfront you will reduce your risk later on.

Protect your horse during and after the sales process.

  • Know the sales price and where your horse is going
Save Time
  • Deal only with “serious” buyers
Manage Risk
  • Protect your horse during and post-sale
  • Legal compliance and reduced risk of liability

Top Professionals Protect their Business with Equine Exchange

You want the best for your clients and know that a bad horse buying experience is bad for business. An unhappy client can damage your reputation and credibility and a deal gone wrong can lead to legal trouble for all involved.

Equine Exchange protects and improves your client relationships, enhances the professionalism of your business and allows you to focus on horses - not paperwork. We streamline your business processes and recordkeeping and ensure legal compliance in all 50 states.

  • Build trust and a reputation of integrity
  • Increase the value of your brand
  • Satisfied clients
Save Time
  • Manage all horse deals in one application, even while at the barn or on the road
  • Less paperwork means more time focused on horses
  • Deal only with “serious” buyers
  • Save time on tax preparation
Manage Risk
  • Legally binding contracts
  • Confidence in your investment
  • Full disclosure from Seller
  • Record for future reference and future owners

Why Equine Exchange?

Equine Exchange was created by horse people, for horse people. We have taken the interests of buyers, sellers, and professionals to heart and created an industry standard for horse sales that promotes collaboration, reduces risk to each party, and ensures that the buyer knows everything about the horse they’re buying and where their money is going.

What does this mean for you? Regardless of your role, horse buying is simpler. We do the heavy lifting so you can get back to enjoying life. Equine Exchange’s proprietary technology and process ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.