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Sell Smart

Equine Exchange Isn’t Just For Buyers

Sell Your Horse Through Equine Exchange And You’ll:

Sell More Horses

It’s about Trust. Demonstrating your commitment to integrity and professionalism attracts prospective Buyers.

Protect Your Horse’s Well-Being

Know where your horse is going and ensure its standard of care. Establish an online vet record to inform and improve future veterinary care.

Be More Efficient and Organized

Create an automatic record of the sale with all documentation easily accessible, in one place.

Lower Risk

Protect yourself from liability with a written record and the Buyer’s assumption of the inherent risk of horse activities

Save Time

Know you’re dealing with a serious buyer and not wasting time with a “tire-kicker”

Follow the Law

Rest easy knowing you’ve complied with state law requirements – without the need to hire an attorney

Equine Exchange is free to Sellers

Refer prospective Buyers to Equine Exchange and we’ll give you a credit on your next horse purchase