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All About Our Pricing


Our pricing is simple and tailored to the purchase. We charge the Buyer $300 up front on each transaction, plus 2% of the final purchase price of the horse at the end of the sale, not to exceed $2,000.

Not sure how this applies to you? Use the calculator below to see what you will pay, based on the purchase amount of your horse.

Our Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love Equine Exchange. Try it risk free and experience the better way to buy a horse. You’ll find Equine Exchange expertly guides your horse purchase, or we’ll refund your money.


Excludes agent commissions
(not to exceed $2,000)

Transparency is at the core of what we do – we want you to clearly understand your costs. Remember that the cost of Equine Exchange is very small relative to what you save in uncovering what would otherwise be undisclosed risks and secret profits.

See how typical undisclosed profits stack up.

Don’t Pay Money For Future Problems

Cost of Equine Exchange

$300 up front + 2% of final purchase price
(not to exceed $2,000)

Cost of Horse Sale Gone Wrong

You’ve worked hard to be able to enjoy an equestrian lifestyle. Make sure you get to enjoy it.

Don’t Pay More For Your Horse Just Because Someone Thinks You Can.