User Privacy Policy

Last Updated November 29, 2017

We at Equine Exchange International, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Equine Exchange”) respect your privacy. We are publishing this version of the Equine Exchange User Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to clearly disclose our practices and approach to data privacy and data protection with respect to your use of the website, mobile applications, content, products and related applications (the “Applications”) that constitute a technology platform made available by Equine Exchange. Other terms and conditions governing your use of the Equine Exchange Applications and Applications can be found in the Equine Exchange User Agreement and Terms of Service located at: www.Equine which you are required to review and agree to before using any of our Applications.

This Policy describes how we collect, use, transfer, and safeguard information about you and your options regarding accessing or modifying such information. The Policy applies when you:

  • Agree to the Equine Exchange User Agreement and Terms of Service;
  • Visit or utilize a website on which this Policy is posted;
  • Download any Equine Exchange Application to your mobile device;
  • Create a Equine Exchange User Account (“User Account” or “Account”), or any other account for a Equine Exchange Service;
  • Provide your e-mail address to us; or
  • Use any Equine Exchange service.

In this Policy we use the terms “personal information” and “personally identifiable information” or “PII” to describe information that can be associated with an individual and can be used to identify that individual. We do not consider personal information or PII to include information that has been anonymized or aggregated so that it does not identify an individual.

If you have any questions about this Policy, please Contact Us


In this Policy, the following definitions apply:

“Applications” means the website, mobile applications, content, products, and related applications that constitute the technology platform made available by Equine Exchange.

“Feedback” means all feedback, suggestions, and ideas you provide to Equine Exchange concerning improvements or enhancements to the Applications and Applications. “Feedback” may also include your responses to surveys or reporting problems.

“Payment Account” means the payment type or payment account you provide in your User Account to pay for Use Fees.

“Personal Information” or “Personally Identifiable Information” (or “PII”) means information that can be associated with an individual and can be used to identify that individual, and may include Feedback, User Generated Data or any other PII necessary to participate in the Applications.

“Third-Party Provider” includes employees of Equine Exchange and independent third party providers under agreement with Equine Exchange.

“Use Fees” means certain fees Equine Exchange charges for use of the Applications.

“User Generated Data” means any information generated and shared by you with Equine Exchange through your use of the Applications, including, but not limited to: payment transaction data; photographs; videos; and other information, including content generated by you.

How We Collect Information

Equine Exchange collects information from you regarding your use of the Applications in the following ways.

Equine Exchange will collect information from you, including PII, when you interact with the Applications. For example, you provide information to Equine Exchange when you:

  • Register for an Account, or update registration information or other of your Equine Exchange information;
  • Add a Payment Account to Equine Exchange;
  • Pay for Use Fees; or
  • Receive customer support.

In addition, Equine Exchange may collect other information through the Applications. For example, Equine Exchange collects data through use of technologies such as:

  • Data analytics (such as analyzing anonymized and aggregated data generated by the Applications); or
  • Applications analytics (such as diagnostics to improve the functionality of the Applications).

Equine Exchange sometimes obtains PII from other sources, such as through our business partners. Information Equine Exchange receives from a third party is subject to your separate agreement with such third party, unless you enter into a separate agreement with Equine Exchange or otherwise give Equine Exchange your permission to use such information. Equine Exchange may merge information Equine Exchange receives from third parties with information Equine Exchange has collected or will collect, subject to such limitations.

Information We Collect

Information that Equine Exchange Actively Collects From You

You must provide Equine Exchange with the following information in order to use the Applications if requested:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and email address;
  • Payment transaction data and details for payments made for Use Fees;
  • Payment Account data you choose to enter into your Account, as well as information needed to complete Payment Account transactions. Payment Account data may include your credit card account details, related security codes or other payment credentials;
  • Your user preferences, interests, communication choices, and other user profile information, including Feedback and User Generated Data.

Information That Is Unique Information Generated By Your Use of the Applications

Equine Exchange also collects certain types of unique information generated by your use of the Applications such as:

  • Application identifiers;
  • Session ID and User ID in connection with use of Account;
  • Information, including usage information, such as frequency of use or average number of minutes for use, generated through use of the Account;
  • Date and time;
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  • If you opt-in to receive advertising or offers, your location to provide location-based marketing, advertising or other Applications (for example, such information will be used to “recognize” you within a specific geographic location to serve up relevant ads and offers);
  • If you opt-in to receive advertising or offers, transaction data for marketing purposes that is used to generate relevant advertising and offers, which may be used in conjunction with such advertising or offers.

How We Use Information We Collect

We use information we collect to:

  • Conduct business and improve the effectiveness of Equine Exchange Applications;
  • Develop new products and Applications;
  • Provide information and support for the Applications;
  • Conduct research and analysis, including focus groups and surveys;
  • Better understand your needs and interests;
  • Personalize communications and advertising/offers; promote a quality experience for users of Applications; and
  • Perform other business activities related to the Applications as needed or as otherwise described in this Policy.

For example, we will use your information to:

  • Create and maintain your Account;
  • Communicate, interact and build the Equine Exchange relationship with you;
  • Gather transaction statistics relating to your use of the Applications in order to collect information to measure, analyze and improve the Applications and Applications;
  • Manage dispute resolution and perform customer service activities;
  • Customize the content, products, and features (including marketing offers that you opt-in to receive) that are offered to you in the Applications;
  • Process, fulfill, and follow up on transactions and requests for products, Applications, support, and information via the Applications and Applications;
  • Engage in market research and analysis;
  • Comply with legal requirements;
  • Enforce our agreements; and
  • Deter, detect, and prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities.

How We Share and Disclose Information

Equine Exchange may share or disclose your information as follows:

  • To Third-Party Providers involved in providing the Applications;
  • To Third-Party Providers using your information on Equine Exchange’s behalf in connection with opening an Account;
  • To Third-Party Providers using your information on Equine Exchange’s behalf in connection with loading a Payment Account into your Account;
  • To Third-Party Providers using your information on Equine Exchange’s behalf in connection with a potential or actual Payment Account transaction;
  • To Third-Party Providers using your information to evaluate and enhance the performance of the Applications;
  • Based on Equine Exchange’s sole discretion that disclosure is necessary to detect or respond to instances of potential or actual fraud or other illegal activities, to respond to a law enforcement agency’s request for information or cooperation in an investigation, or to respond to judicial process or other valid government investigation or process.


When you use the Equine Exchange Applications, we may place a “cookie” on your web browser. A cookie is a very small text file that is sent to a customer’s browser from a web server and stored on the customer’s computer hard drive. It assigns the computer a unique identifier. The cookie stores information on your hard drive so we can communicate with you more efficiently, respond to you based on prior sessions at which you provided information about you or your preferences to us and understand what you prefer to view on our website. We do not use cookies to store passwords or Payment Account information. Cookies do not tell us your individual identity unless you have chosen to provide it to us.

Your browser may be set to allow you to be notified when a cookie is to be placed on your browser, decline the cookie or delete cookies that have been placed on your browser. You may also check your web browser’s instructions. Some functions of our website may not work or may work slowly if a cookie is refused.


We use third-party web analytics services (e.g., Google Analytics) to collect and analyze the information discussed above, and to engage in auditing, research, and reporting. The information (including your IP address) collected by various analytics technologies described in the “Cookies” section will be disclosed to or collected directly by these service providers, who use the information to evaluate your use of Equine Exchange, including by noting the third-party website from which you arrive, analyzing usage trends, assisting with fraud prevention, and providing certain features to you. To prevent Google Analytics from using your information for analytics, you may install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Children’s Privacy

Use of our Applications is only available to individuals who are eighteen (18) years or older. Equine Exchange’s Applications are not directed to children less than 18 years of age.

Enforcement of this Policy

Equine Exchange regularly reviews its compliance with this Policy. Please submit any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or Equine Exchange’s treatment of PII, by Contacting Us

Changes to this Policy

Please note that this Policy may change from time to time. We will post any Policy changes on this page and, if the changes are significant or reduce your rights in any material manner, we will provide a more prominent notice. We will also keep prior versions of this Policy in an archive for your review.

Our Commitment to Security

We have put in place appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security and correctly use the information we collect. No system can be completely secure, however, and we do not guarantee that unauthorized disclosures and access will not happen.

Access, Accuracy and Retention of Your Information

We aim to maintain the accuracy of your contact information and PII. In order to keep your personal information accurate and complete, you can access or update some of it in the following ways:

  • You can update your Account information, including, but not limited to: name; address, mobile phone number; age; and Payment Account information. We encourage you to review, update, and correct the personal information that we maintain about you on our website.

Your right to review, update, correct and delete your information is subject to our records retention policies and applicable law, including any statutory retention requirements.


We are committed to privacy and are involved in current industry initiatives to promote privacy and protect PII. Our privacy practices will evolve to meet new requirements, standards, technologies, and customer preferences.