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Horse shopping?

Connect with Reputable Trainers and Sellers via our Private Client Group.

We’ll help you find:

  • Someone who won’t cheat you in the transaction
  • Pre-screened horses that fit your needs and budget
  • Expert advice from a neutral authority

Combined with our proprietary technology, we’ll protect you 100%.

As a perk, you’ll receive curated listings of horses in our Certified Network.

Buy Safe – Get Connected

Relax While Shopping

Stay informed and protected with our proven system that ensures transparency, disclosure and proper documentation.

Ready to relax, knowing you won’t be taken advantage of as a buyer?

Working With a Trainer?

Great! Trainers love the ease and protection of Equine Exchange. Your trainer will have their own account, and will be part of the transaction.

Don’t worry – your trainer’s compensation does not need to change, but it does need to be put in writing. If your trainer resists this, consider it a major red flag.

To Join:

  1. Create an account
  2. Get Started

Membership in the Private Client Group is a free benefit to buyers who start their transaction on Equine Exchange.

Standard transaction fees apply.

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